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Elevation scaffolding Layher, Plettac

Elevation scaffolding is being used for outside works on buildings. You can assembly very high constructions from the elements. This kind of scaffolding is a perfect solution for walls isolation works of buildings, so does good helps to be a footing for stone workers. You have a possibility to use elevation scaffoldings as a base for lifts, what is very helpful and makes work comfortable. ARAD offers wide range of high quality brands, such as: Layher and Altrad Mostostal. As far as Layher is concerned, it is Blitz system, where typical construction consists of six basic elements. All of them are made of steel (covered by zinc) or aluminium – we are following a client’s choice. Altrad Mostostal (known as Baumann) offers Polish scaffolding system – the plant is seated in Siedlce. The product is easy to assembling and durable – thanks to anti-rust protection. We have some more scaffolding systems, such as Plettac.

We propose some accessories available on stock or for a special order – short terms. The elements are universal – they could be used in other scaffolding systems on Polish construction market. There are many additional elements available and so do special tools, what’s more: meshes or containers for transportation.

Allround scaffolding Layher, Baumann

Allround scaffolding – are the best solution for difficult complex constructions. For example: base constructions for railway bridges and others, so does could be a base for cityboards, even as a base construction for theater stages. Wide range of sizes of elements (0,73m – 3,07m) assures possibility of flexible extention of wire mesh – in 3 dimensions. We offer two kinds of scaffolding systems: Layher Allround and Altrad Mostostal Rotax.

Layher Allround is easy assembled, safe and multi-configurated. This kind of scaffolding is being used in factories, plants, such as: shipyards, refineries, hangars for aircrafts, and for special stage constructions. Layher Allround is a perfect solution with complicated structure of elevation of a building. There are three basic elements of that kind of scaffolding. Altrad Mostostal Rotax system consists of combination of different size squares – it gives a possibility to expand the whole construction in three dimensions. It helps to optimize the construction, according to the shape of a building.

The fencing systems of ARAD

The fencing systems of ARAD are being supplied by leading producers, such as: Betafence and Heras – they are the top of suppliers on European market. We provide openwork fencing and full fencing – made of tinware. What’s more, ARAD offers wide range of barriers and event fencing panels and other systems for mass events. They are all complete, with all necessary accessories.

Publifor panels are multifunctional product – they are being used on stadiums, airports, military areas and construction places. Approved by Olympic Committee. All products have safety certificates. We offer our professional experience to advise our clients.

Mobile scaffoldings ARAD

Mobile scaffoldings are the best solutions in places where you are not able to use elevation scaffolding. The “towers” excellently fulfills requirements of small spaces, e.g. inside buildings. They are made of best quality aluminium, very light and easy to move – thanks to the small wheels on them. In spite of their mobility – they are stable and safe in use.

ARAD offers products made by: Akala Faraone, Altrad Mostostal, Layher and Krause.  Mobile scaffoldings are easy in transportating and not complicated in assembling – it does not need any tools to do this. They are all certified.

We may recommend Krause tower scaffoldings, such as: Stabilo, ProTec and ClimTec – perfectly matched with requirements of a client. We offer plenty of accessories for Layher mobile scaffoldings. The equipment is a high quality and easy to use product.

Scaffolding accessories ARAD